Desktop & Mobile Digital Dictation

The ability to quickly dictate should not be restricted to an office or client site. Our digital dictation solution supports users with an easy-to-use graphic user interface that is accessible through desktop and smartphone, allowing you to easily send dictations ‘on-the-go’. We also offer Speech Recognition options for users who want to independently turnaround documents quickly.

Task Setting by Voice

Gone are the days where you need to send your secretary an email to get a task done. As part of your Diktamen Dictation license, we provide users with the ability to send tasks through voice notes – which are sent straight to your secretary to action.

Customised Workflow

Included as part of our installation process, we work with your firm to tailor your dictation workflow process. This is to ensure your solution is built-for-purpose and includes all the necessary personal features required. We also use this time to set up a system manager and customized real-time reports for monitoring your solutions use.

Industries Diktamen provide voice solutions for.


Supporting Legal firms by empowering their staff to utilise practical technology, enabling them to do more with their time. Our solutions support authors to dictate and review all work whilst on the move, in any location, leaving them free to advise clients about their legal rights and responsibilities. Audio typists have all the tools and flexible options available to them to make sure the most important tasks are processed in the expected timely manner, in addition to facilitating the team’s ethos. We are here to make all your lives easier!


As our solution is designed by you, for you, we are able to tailor make our solution to configure into any industry looking to benefit from smart voice tools. Our development team assist your transition, and help your business unlock the benefits of utilising speech tools integrated into your workflow.

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What our clients say about Diktamen.

“Having reviewed the dictation market, and put aside the marketing spin of the established players, it became clear that the dictation products available had not really evolved over the past 6 plus years. Diktamen being new and fresh, was different. We loved the fact we were involved in the interface design, so our dictation platform now has our brand colours and logo that instantly makes the software familiar and extremely easy to use. To the eye it looks like our software, which in a way it is. It was fast and easy to design and implement and the workflow works the way we want it to. The whole business is really pleased with this purchase.” Law firm in Newcastle

“I have worked with Dictation companies before and I was really blown away with Diktamen. Every part of the solution was totally tailored for our requirements. We needed a dictation solution to work on our Apple computers. Diktamen ticked all our boxes, and the solution that we created together is truly unique. What surprised me most was the dedication of the Diktamen team to make this project a success. A truly professional company at competitive pricing. The whole process only took one day to set up, and we were logged in and using the system the next morning. I had never heard of Diktaman before so there was a small amount of risk in my mind, having worked with them I would certainly work with them again in the future and I’m sure they will make a huge impact over the next 12 months” Law firm in Milton Keynes

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Diktamen News


Rooks Rider LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Rooks Rider Solicitors LLP was established in 1761 and is a boutique legal firm based in the UK, with a long-standing tradition of offering high-quality legal services to businesses and individuals. As a firm, they continually strive to expand the breadth of expertise and business skills, enabling them to quickly and effectively respond to the ever-changing business environment, thereby delivering successful solutions.

Rooks Rider LLP revisited digital dictation due to a gut feeling that they were being overcharged by their existing provider. The requirement for digital dictation was still present and after performing their due diligence Diktamen ticked all the boxes needed for change. With great feedback from users and fast responses from Diktamen the trial was a big success and was rolled out effortlessly.

Darren Baily IT Manager “With the customary expensive digital dictation renewal never far away it was time to look at the market again to see if there was a better alternative, and I was pleased to find out that there was! I am very impressed with Diktamen, the way they work and respond to our requirements. It feels like we are a valued client and working with them has been very refreshing. Rolling out Diktamen was really uncomplicated and our users adapted very quickly” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Working with Darren has been great, he knows exactly what his users need, and we make it happen. At Diktamen we take pride in our client delivery and with our modern approach in Digital dictation, we can do this very quickly. In this case, a financial saving of over 50% per year, for a better solution is good business sense and validates our value for money ethos. It is pleasing that Law firms know there is an alternative.”


About Rooks Rider LLP


McCormack Solicitors switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

McCormack Solicitors located in Carrick-On-Shannon, County Leitrim, Ireland, select Diktamen for Digital Dictation via authorised Dublin based partner, Dicta-Prosoft Ltd.

McCormack Solicitors pride themselves on offering clients a client-focused service. They specialise exclusively in personal injury, buying and selling property, wills and probate. At McCormack Solicitors it is about “the client”. They pride themselves on getting the right results for their clients, listening to their clients and guiding them through the legal process of their case.

Carol Ni Chormaic, Solicitor, comments: “I have recently installed Diktamen. What I particularly like about it is that it is a cloud-based system so I can dictate to my staff from my phone which means I can send dictation to them from any location. Also, my staff can just log in to the system from either their work environment or their home environment and access my dictations to work on. I definitely would recommend this system.”

Darren Corri, CEO Dicta-Prosoft “Working with Diktamen is seamless. They do exactly what they promise in a timely fashion and have a burning desire to be a successful business. The quality of the service and products are second to none in the market. Having worked with McCormack Solicitors in the past it made sense to upgrade Carol and the team to Diktamen

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Our dictation solution enables small and large firms alike to benefit from our quality products very quickly. The functionality of our easy to use secure and reliable mobile app enables and supports productivity from anywhere at a click of a button from your existing trusted device. It’s good to see Darren and Carol benefit from our alliance


About McCormack Solicitors

About Dicta-Prosoft Ltd


Malcomson Law switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Malcomson Law located at offices in Dublin and Carlow Ireland switched to Diktamen for digital dictation via authorised Dublin based partner, Abacus Systems Ltd

Malcomson Law was founded in 1858 in Carlow by Robert Malcomson, a member of a well-known Waterford family of tanners. When Robert K Law joined the firm, it became Malcomson & Law. In 1996, Raymond Bradley opened the Dublin office near the Four Courts in the legal district in Smithfield. He rebranded the practice as Malcomson Law and built up a specialist medical negligence and health law division. Malcomson Law represented members of the Irish Haemophilia Society. Malcomson Law is synonymous with health law litigation in Ireland.

The firm is also an advocate for change, arguing at legal and political level for justice for the wrongs done to its clients, and for improvements in both health care and compensation arrangements for victims of medical malpractice. At commercial and business level, the firm employs state-of-the-art IT systems to provide an efficient service to its clients, whether they are property developers or individuals buying their first home.

Ray Cooney, Malcomson Law IT Manager “It was the right time to replace our legacy digital dictation provider which had ongoing issues with the latest OS builds and was unable to perform as required for remote working. We have many users that needed the ability and ease of use that comes with working flexibility and the Diktamen SAAS cloud-based solution, both from an internal perspective and for use with smartphones, fitted our company needs perfectly. Diktamen were very helpful from the beginning and the free trial went very well. Cloud-based dictation is the way forward for any size of legal firm in my opinion, as it’s so customisable, efficient and cost effective. It made the decision to switch provider for our firm an easy one. To have Abacus Systems locally to supply the required new hardware and with the wealth of experience that they bring simply reinforced our selection of provider”

Eoghan Johnson, Business Development Director Abacus Systems Ltd “The Diktamen cloud-based dictation platform is very robust and secure, enabling smartphone users to dictate from any location effortlessly. The workflow efficiencies and system design possibilities accommodate all types of legal firms. We have a wide range of expertise, hardware, and services that continue to support Diktamen going forwards.” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “It was outstanding working with Malcomson Law as it was clear they knew exactly what they needed. All we did was listen to their requirements and design their own customised cloud-based dictation solution. The creation process is very quick as we have a team of experts who are accustomed to designing and implementing the client’s productivity proposals. The rollout went very smoothly, and the users are very happy with Diktamen”


About Malcomson Law

About Abacus Systems


Hibberts LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

With over 200 years of experience, Hibberts Solicitors have extensive experience in servicing clients with their personal approach to provide a professional and practical service. The skilled team work closely with clients to understand their needs and objectives, allowing them to provide the very best practical advice.  With offices in Crewe, Nantwich, Tarporley, Ellesmere and Whitchurch, and are pre-eminent in Cheshire and North Shropshire – Hibberts LLP are able to support clients of all sizes.

Constantly seeking to improve and update their services, Hibberts LLP embrace innovation and information technologies where they see benefits for their clients and skilled team. In a recent product analysis exercise, the firm realised they were paying a substantial amount for digital dictation from a long-standing provider, and the extra costs needed to upgrade were simply unjustifiable, so reviewed the market for alternatives.

After looking at Diktamen – the mobile solution especially – the Hibberts team were impressed by the personalised approach. They really liked that they could fine tune the solution to their satisfaction with no extra costs. A trial was established to test and further customise their solution. With great feedback from users and fast responses from Diktamen the trial was a big success and was rolled out to all offices.

Stewart Bailey, Hibberts LLP Managing Partner “Technically the migration to Diktamen was very easy. Our users accepted the idea of using something new quickly and started using Diktamen for their daily dictation, submitting work from anywhere, effortlessly. This project also helped review and improve working behaviours to make the process of document creation more efficient. The cost savings also made this project worthwhile. Diktamen have been very responsive on turning our feedback into actual software upgrades to accommodate our requirements. Overall we are very happy with our purchase and would be happy to endorse Diktamen based on our experience”     

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Providing better value for clients is something we set out to do from the beginning, so it is great to see Hibberts Solicitors benefiting from our modern approach. Digital dictation should not be an expensive commodity in today’s technological world, something our clients can confirm and are reaping the rewards of.


About Hibberts LLP

With offices in Crewe, Nantwich, Tarporley, Ellesmere and Whitchurch, we are pre-eminent in Cheshire and North Shropshire.

The team pride itself on our commitment to personal service and believe that it is this commitment and ethos that draws new clients from diverse fields and in many cases, from far beyond our geographical territory.

Whilst they value our traditional and personal service, they recognise that these qualities alone are insufficient to meet the challenges of today’s legal environment.

Our highly experienced team provide legal expertise in company, commercial, employment, property, tenancy, dispute resolution, private client, agricultural, probate and estate matters.


Diktamen Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

The role of Diktamen in supporting our Legal customers in the UK has risen to an unpredictable extent during the corona epidemic. We have ensured our own service production by following our continuity plan, which covers how to monitor, manage, maintain and operate the continuing services of Diktamen’s system solutions in exceptional circumstances. We have a working remote working model and the highest international ISO27001 certified and audited remote working environment to help us ensure continuity in our service, even in exceptional circumstances.

Thanks to our remote work model, we have invested in a wide geographic area, which reduces the risk of our operations. We actively follow the authorities’ instructions and travel restrictions and we avoid unnecessary travel. We do not receive visits in our offices until further notice.

If there are significant changes in the situation that affect our customers, we will communicate this in the first place.

Please read the full bulletin clicking the link below:


New Diktamen app supports Business Continuity Planning for UK legal firms

An increasing number of people have the requirement to work away from their traditional office workstation. With this trend across the UK legal industry growing year on year, Diktamen is pleased to announce that our smart device app (that can be downloaded from the google play store or the apple app store) has been creatively enhanced with a contemporary Nordic design that makes using the application incredibly easy with no user training required. This enables authors to create, send, and manage dictation from any location.

In addition, the users who access the sent dictations can also login to their account via any web browser and access the encrypted audio files to hear the content.

At Diktamen, we have made the journey to work remotely an effortless part of your Business Continuity Plans.

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “We improved something that was already very good to start with; the creative team in Finland have done a great job designing something very user-friendly and incredibly functional. It’s good to hear great feedback from our UK clients on just how productive our solution enables them to be whilst working out of the office”


Diktamen interview Jon Gough from Bowling & Co Solicitors

With Bowling & Co Solicitors move to Diktamen a few months back, we interviewed a handful of end-users and stakeholders at the firm to asses how they are finding their bespoke dictation solution - and to ensure they are getting the best value for investment.

Jon Gough who leads IT at the firm was one of the solution management users interviewed. This was to understand how he felt the overall project was delivered and how he finds using Diktamen as a daily tool within his role.

YouTube video


Bowling & Co switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Bowling & Co are a Legal 500, London based, client-focused legal firm acting as trusted advisers to individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and overseas. Their head office is on the edge of the London 2012 Olympic Park, now known as the Queen Elizabeth Park.

With clients at the heart of every business decision, the firm was looking to improve the speed of client communications – specifically for team members working remotely. They also wanted to reduce the cost of dictation, as the firm’s long-standing locally installed system was overdue for replacement and becoming less reliable.

While searching the market for alternative solutions, Bowling & Co discovered Diktamen, and was intrigued by the bespoke solution and very cost-effective pricing model.

The opportunity to create their own white-label dictation solution, including all the functionality you would expect from today’s knowhow, was a key motivator to trial and test drive Diktamen.

With great feedback immediately from users, Bowling & Co decided to roll out Diktamen firm-wide.

Jon Gough, IT Consultant says ‘Working with Diktamen has been fantastic. Basically, in principle, it’s a modern version of what we already had, with the addition of an instant ‘dictate from anywhere’ element via an app and we really like it. The team are very responsive and any changes are made within a few hours of contacting them. The trial and roll-out process was quick and easy. We have reduced our overall  dictation costs significantly, so switching to Diktamen has proved to be an excellent decision.’

Vice President – Business Development, Joseph DiCarlo comments ‘Just because something is more affordable does not mean it’s less of a solution. I would encourage firms to perform their due diligence and contact Diktamen for a free trial, especially if they feel their existing dictation solution is expensive. Bowling & Co are yet another great example of a firm taking a modern flexible approach to digital dictation – and benefiting from working efficiencies and cost savings.’


  About Bowling & Co:

In the fast-moving and ever-changing face of the legal profession, we understand it is now not enough to just give legal advice. We work with you, whether you are a business or an individual, through every aspect of a matter advising where needed and have set our focus and expertise on key areas of law in which we are leading experts to ensure you receive only the best advice and service.

We recognise that our clients are our driving force. This core value ensures that all members of our firm place a huge emphasis on understanding and achieving our clients’ objectives and delivering commercially focused legal solutions in the most cost-effective manner.


Beswicks Legal switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Beswicks Legal is a modern, straight-talking, top-tier law firm with an enviable reputation for delivering outstanding results for clients. The award-winning team is a well-established firm based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, but with national and international reach thanks to their sports law practice. Always looking to improve their service for clients, the innovative firm constantly ensures they have the best tools for their team.

Digital dictation is a tool that has been used for years at Beswicks Legal and something they wished to continue using. But after consulting with their resident dictation provider, the firm felt they were being strong-armed into upgrading at a significant cost. In addition to their already overpriced annual support contract and additional mobile licenses.

Learning about Diktamen and our bespoke cost-effective dictation solution, it was clear that our customizable cloud solution was best suited for their needs.  Bewsicks were very impressed with the Diktamen solution and the speed of delivery, in addition to the significant cost savings from the outset.

A trial was set up for a small set of users at Beswicks to test and fine-tune the bespoke solution to their satisfaction. Shortly into the trial, the IT team at Beswicks gave the go-ahead for firm-wide roll out – as the initial feedback was very positive and it was clear Diktamen was the best way forward.

Tim Knight, Business Operations Manager at Beswicks says “Working with Diktamen has been a great pleasure. We were able to reduce the cost for Dictation significantly. The project and support team are super-fast with modifications to our system – and it’s refreshing that they do these configurations at no extra cost”

Joe DiCarlo, Vice President of Business Development at Diktamen says “Providing better value for clients is something we set out to do from the beginning, so it is great to see Beswicks benefiting from our modern approach. There is no longer a monopoly for unjustifiably expensive digital dictation in the UK, which our clients are extremely pleased about”.


About Beswicks

Beswicks Legal are proud to act for clients. Whatever your needs, their team will strive to provide you with timely, cost-effective and solid advice which is easy to digest and jargon free.

Their team of dedicated solicitors in Stoke-on-Trent hold a wealth of technical expertise and their passion and friendly approach is what sets them apart from other law firms.

Beswicks Legal believe that communication is key, so take pride in getting to know you or your business. This enables us to achieve the best possible results.


Diktamen interview Emma Silburn from David Gray Solicitors

After a few months of using Diktamen, we interviewed a mixture of end-users at David Gray Solicitors. The aim was to ensure their bespoke system was working at its optimum, and that all users were satisfied with the system.

Emma Silburn, a Solicitor at the firm was one of the Author users interviewed. And was asked questions on her day-to-day use of Digital Dictation, along with how she feels about using Diktamen. Please see the interview below.

YouTube video

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