Desktop & Mobile Digital Dictation

The ability to quickly dictate should not be restricted to an office or client site. Our digital dictation solution supports users with an easy-to-use graphic user interface that is accessible through desktop and smartphone, allowing you to easily send dictations ‘on-the-go’. We also offer Speech Recognition options for users who want to independently turnaround documents quickly.

Task Setting by Voice

Gone are the days where you need to send your secretary an email to get a task done. As part of your Diktamen Dictation license, we provide users with the ability to send tasks through voice notes – which are sent straight to your secretary to action.

Customised Workflow

Included as part of our installation process, we work with your firm to tailor your dictation workflow process. This is to ensure your solution is built-for-purpose and includes all the necessary personal features required. We also use this time to set up a system manager and customized real-time reports for monitoring your solutions use.

Industries Diktamen provide voice solutions for.


Supporting Legal firms by empowering their staff to utilise practical technology, enabling them to do more with their time. Our solutions support authors to dictate and review all work whilst on the move, in any location, leaving them free to advise clients about their legal rights and responsibilities. Audio typists have all the tools and flexible options available to them to make sure the most important tasks are processed in the expected timely manner, in addition to facilitating the team’s ethos. We are here to make all your lives easier!


As our solution is designed by you, for you, we are able to tailor make our solution to configure into any industry looking to benefit from smart voice tools. Our development team assist your transition, and help your business unlock the benefits of utilising speech tools integrated into your workflow.

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What our clients say about Diktamen.

“Having reviewed the dictation market, and put aside the marketing spin of the established players, it became clear that the dictation products available had not really evolved over the past 6 plus years. Diktamen being new and fresh, was different. We loved the fact we were involved in the interface design, so our dictation platform now has our brand colours and logo that instantly makes the software familiar and extremely easy to use. To the eye it looks like our software, which in a way it is. It was fast and easy to design and implement and the workflow works the way we want it to. The whole business is really pleased with this purchase.” Law firm in Newcastle

“I have worked with Dictation companies before and I was really blown away with Diktamen. Every part of the solution was totally tailored for our requirements. We needed a dictation solution to work on our Apple computers. Diktamen ticked all our boxes, and the solution that we created together is truly unique. What surprised me most was the dedication of the Diktamen team to make this project a success. A truly professional company at competitive pricing. The whole process only took one day to set up, and we were logged in and using the system the next morning. I had never heard of Diktaman before so there was a small amount of risk in my mind, having worked with them I would certainly work with them again in the future and I’m sure they will make a huge impact over the next 12 months” Law firm in Milton Keynes

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Diktamen News


Serious Law LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Serious Law LLP, an acclaimed UK law practise specialising in catastrophic injury cases. Ranked in the top tier of the Legal 500, focusing on brain injury, spinal injury, cerebral palsy, and other serious injuries.

Founded in 1989, the unique and highly innovative firm was one of the country’s first to deal exclusively with personal injury. Today, Serious Law LLP is established as a leading firm in handling high value cases with a successful track record of numerous multi-million-pound settlements.

To help seriously injured clients and their families regain control of their lives, they provide an all-encompassing service that comprises expert legal assistance, together with a range of financial and aftercare support, including the provision of rehabilitation, vocational training, and housing and transport adaptation.

Serious Law LLP operates on a nationwide basis, rebuilding the lives of those affected by serious injury. The practise is committed to excellence in all areas of client care and are dedicated to the pursuit of professionalism and results.

Nick Sutton, Serious Law IT Manager “Being experienced users of cloud-based dictation for many years, we knew exactly what we needed. We tested Diktamen vigorously especially in the areas where we had encountered with other suppliers. This resulted in great user feedback, particularly in the areas of audio clarity, handling of large audio files, and general ease of use, from both our Authors and Secretaries. It is fair to say that these areas were causing us frustration prior to our switch to Diktamen. You can appreciate that Diktamen was designed as a cloud-based solution from the outset, and we feel Diktamen outperforms our previous cloud digital dictation solution. I have been very impressed with the Diktamen Support team who were on top of our initial teething issues really quickly and continue to be excellent when called upon, which is not very often at all”.

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Adoption of Software as a Service is popular, and it is becoming more widespread across the UK Legal sector. It is wonderful to hear that our software is shining above others. Switching to Diktamen is effortless and very easy to do. We are experts at delivering the best solution available in the UK. I would ask other law firms to re-evaluate digital dictation, especially as the excessive annual renewals are never that far away. We are confident that our solution and services are the best, and that we can guarantee a far greater return for your investment in many areas”.


About Serious Law LLP


Wilsons Solicitors switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

In 1989, Andrew Wilson founded Wilson and Co Solicitors from a small office in Tottenham. His aim was to offer excellent legal services to the whole community. They have grown since then, but they still have this goal. Their clients are at the heart of everything they do with a reputation for integrity, independence, and tenacity, especially with the most challenging cases. Their solicitors each specialise in one area of law. Areas of expertise include public law, Immigration Law and Family Law. Their focus gives them extensive knowledge and experience. They are all experts in their fields, so you can be confident that your case is in good hands. The focus is on efficient, well-structured service delivery, ensuring all clients get great value for money.

Duane Jones IT Administrator “We decided to review our existing dictation solution and Diktamen performed outstandingly well from the moment we started trialling their software. The team at Diktamen have been attentive and very professional, and we have not had any complaints; as a matter of fact, our users prefer Diktamen to our previous provider. Diktamen offer great value for money and our user feedback has been exceptional.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “Diktamen offer real value for money. We are quick & easy to deploy, and exhibit none of the risks associated with traditional enterprise solutions. We showcase differentiating dictation capabilities in the areas of performance, availability, scalability, and functionality in the cloud, that our rivals simply cannot better. User experience is very important to us, and we are always appreciative for all feedback.”


About Wilson Solicitors  


Major Family Law switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Major Family Law was established in 2009 as a Modern Family Law Practise and is led by Joanne Major, one of the North's most innovative family lawyers. Described by Chambers and Partners as an “eminent practitioner”, Joanne is supported by an experienced, strong team of capable lawyers and legal assistants. A Legal 500 leading firm in 2020, with services in Divorce and Separation, Children and Parenting Disputes, Finances, Variation/Enforcement of Existing Orders, Cohabitation & Living Together, Injunctions and Occupation Orders, Divorce and Same-Sex Relationships, Motoring & Driving Offence Solicitors, and International Family Law.

Joanne Major, Major Family Law, Managing Director “We decided to review our existing dictation solution and our brilliant IT providers, ITPS recommended Diktamen as our designated ITPS engineer, Simon Robinson, had specialised knowledge of cloud based dictation systems and informed us Diktamen was a leading edge product which would complement our remote working practices.  The ability to use our mobile phones to dictate on the move has been extremely beneficial. As a cloud-based solution all staff can effortlessly access their work remotely and are very happy with the quality of the software. After a short trial we decided that Diktamen provided a better practical solution, meeting all our requirements, with the added benefit that we were able to start using the software immediately once the decision to switch was made. “

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “We are delighted to have been chosen as the preferred supplier of digital dictation for Major Family Law. Joanne and her team have been great to work with and have taken to using our solution seamlessly. At Diktamen, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service with speedy implementation, enabling our clients to continue working without disruption. “


About Major Family Law  


Kerseys Solicitors LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Kerseys Solicitors in Ipswich and Colchester are a leading law firm established in the year 1881, with a rich heritage of providing tailored commercial and private legal services to individuals, families, and businesses. Their exceptional client service and a commitment to providing good value for money lies at the heart of their services tailored to meet the needs of private individuals and families. They endeavour through pricing plans to make access to legal services available to everyone and are delighted to represent private individuals from across the local and wider community.

Kerseys Solicitors aim to be much more than legal advisors to their commercial clients, they are their trusted advisors, helping clients to both protect and grow their businesses from start-ups to eventual disposal. Kerseys Solicitors required a dictation solution to allow their team to work remotely without increasing the overheads of the business. 

Kimat Singh, Equity Partner and Head of the Commercial team at Kerseys “Being a lawyer no longer means being tied to the office.  Whilst our existing dictation product worked well, extending the mobility features was becoming increasingly expensive along with the requirement for on-premise infrastructure. I required a cost-effective way of using a tool to dictate from anywhere, on any device, to service my firm.  The initial Diktamen trial took place in the family team who wanted to use their time spent at court or travelling in a more productive way for our business. This proved successful and we rolled out to the whole firm shortly after.”

Trudy Hooper, IT & Business Operations at Kerseys Solicitors “I am very impressed with the service and support Diktamen have provided. Some of my colleagues took time to adjust due to the different look and feel at the beginning, but this was overcome quite quickly. If what you are looking to achieve is a reduction in business overheads, and IT staff time in maintaining servers, whilst allowing lawyers to dictate from the office or on the move, with support staff able to transcribe from any location, Diktamen is the way forward.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Reducing overheads has always been crucial when reviewing profitability. Especially in these current times, securing value for money has never been more important for Law firms. At Diktamen we offer an unrivalled solution for undeniably the best value. In addition, freeing up your IT resource and budget to concentrate on other areas of the business adds further value that cannot go unnoticed.”


About Kerseys Solicitors LLP


MacGinley Quinn Solicitors LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

MacGinley Quinn Solicitors LLP is a full-service firm based in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland.  Established in 1951, they offer services in the areas of personal injury, dispute resolution, property, wills, probate and administration of estates, landlord and tenant, family law and criminal defence.

Catherine MacGinley, Partner, MacGinley Quinn Solicitors LLP We are delighted with Diktamen. The whole switching process has been seamless and easy to facilitate. Diktamen have supported us every step of the way. We have found that the mobile application especially is very easy to use, enabling authors to work effortlessly from any chosen location. We have a range of technical abilities within the firm and to have a solution that everyone finds easy to use without any training has been fantastic.” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “We are very proud of our software at Diktamen. We constantly strive to improve our offerings so that our users get the best possible experience right from the outset. We receive many referrals weekly from our clients and it was great that Catherine chose to get in contact with us on the back of a referral. Our clients thrive and grow thanks to proven methodologies, proactive client success initiatives and excellent client support, all of which we have perfected.”



Stevens Solicitors switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

For over 25 years Stevens Solicitors have specialised exclusively in Criminal Defence work. Stevens Solicitors have offices in Longton, Burslem, Stafford and Birmingham that provide a quality service. All partners and staff have the necessary high standard of knowledge, experience, and skill to enable them to deal with any type of matter, from a speeding offence to a murder charge. All the team achieve the necessary Law Society Accreditation. Stevens Solicitors are available to deal with emergencies at all times of day, every day.

Because of the specialist nature of the work, all members of the firm work as a team. You may meet one accredited case worker in a police station, perhaps a different case worker in the office and another solicitor in court. Thus, they can be sure that you will have the benefit of dealing with the appropriate member of the team and that whoever deals with your case will know the details and be fully trained to provide a quality service.

Simon Bolderston, IT & Facilities Manager “Having spoken to another law firm who had switched from their digital dictation provider to Diktamen, I was keen to learn more. I am very pleased that the glowing positive feedback I received is exactly what I experienced working with Diktamen. It was very simple. It has been one of the easiest IT transitions that I have implemented. We had been using the previous system for a good number of years, and our users embraced the change to Diktamen with no problems at all. Our typists liked the solution and say that the audio is of better quality and the volume has greater highs. The Authors say that their dictations leave their mobile devices much faster and the usability is very similar to what they had been accustomed to. Overall, the whole switching process has been pure simplicity and I would highly recommend the Diktamen experience”   

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “I am really proud of what we are achieving at Diktamen. You simply cannot get anything better than word of mouth referrals. I would like to thank all our clients for their backing. We have strong cloud-based value propositions and can pledge an immediate return on investment for those firms who have the courage for change. With so many firms switching to Diktamen we know we are on the path to something great. We continually strive to be the best we can be so that our existing and new clients get the best possible Diktamen experience”


About Steven Solicitors


Hedges Law switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Hedges Law has seen more changes than most businesses over the years, it is not surprising though. To put it into context, this local law firm was established some twenty-three years before Charles Dickens was born.

Established in 1789 by John Hedges, Hedges Solicitors has traditionally been a cornerstone of the local community.

As a family law firm, Hedges had a family member as Senior Partner for 193 years until Sir John Hedges retired from the business in 1982. Hedges had merged with another local law firm, Hatt & Co., in the early 1960s, ultimately giving the company a new family lineage and Adrian Hatt was the third generation of his family to run the law firm.

Hedges Law truly believes in making a difference to their client’s lives and doing so in a way that’s just that little bit different from all the other law firms. Running through the heart of the business, and defining everything they do, is a set of values. These values keep them focussed on really caring, about their clients and about each other. They help them to make the smallest things (which can often be the biggest things) really matter.

Wayne Pollock, Director of Central Services “Hedges has witnessed many world events across the centuries. We consider ourselves to be leaders in the use of true cloud-based technology to support our goal of delivering high-end legal services to our clients. Our old dictation system was expensive to run and did not meet our ‘anywhere, any-time and any-device’ operational strategy.  Moving to Diktamen’s true cloud dictation solution made pure business, financial and operational sense. The COVID 19 lockdown meant business as usual. Diktamen simply switched us on and our users embraced the technology with ease.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Word of mouth referrals are great and act to underline that we are doing the right things. I recognised the frustrations Hedges Law had with their previous digital dictation provider and knew that we could provide a valuable alternative. We believe in building strong relationships and doing what is required to have happy clients. We customise every account and are experts in delivering the best value for money cloud-based experience without any limitations.”


About Hedges Law ltd


Beauchamps switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Beauchamps Solicitors centred in Dublin, Ireland, switch to Diktamen for digital dictation via authorised Dublin based partner, Abacus Systems.

Beauchamps has been part of the fabric of Irish business for over 200 years. They work hard to understand a client's commercial priorities because the best advice and solutions come from knowing what really drives a business. This hands-on, pragmatic approach allows Beauchamps to see and deliver solutions quickly, driving down costs for their clients. They are a full-service commercial law firm with over 30 practice and sector areas including corporate & commercial, commercial property, banking and financial services, litigation and dispute resolution, M&A & private equity, energy & natural resources, construction, employment, insolvency & corporate restructuring, intellectual property and inward investment.

Beauchamps are recognised as a leading Irish law firm by the top legal directories, Chambers and Partners and Legal 500, and have been consistently awarded as the best in Ireland by the Irish Law Awards.

Paul Clarke, Beauchamps Director of Operations “We decided to replace our legacy digital dictation provider after performing a detailed industry-wide review. Diktamen provided a very competitive solution combined with ease of deployment. Good user feedback after a vigorous trial process was the key for adoption. Having worked with Abacus for many years, their understanding of how we work and where we wanted to go was very beneficial. By working side by side with leading vendors and our clients…we achieve more.”

David McDonald, Sales Director Abacus Systems “We have many years’ experience in digital dictation and delivering workflow efficiencies. Working with Diktamen is great as they truly have a flexible leading product that can cater for various outcomes. Listening to and understanding our clients is what we do best, and it was clear that Diktamen’s digital dictation solution could address the dictation needs at Beauchamps.” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “It was excellent working with Beauchamps and Abacus to customise our solution to deliver the exact requirements needed to enhance productivity. Understanding clients and their needs is fundamental in any business and at Diktamen we truly have a flexible product that enables clients to have a say in the construction of their bespoke solution. We encourage all our prospect clients to perform their due diligence as we know we have an unrivalled solution and team to provide client happiness”


About Beauchamps

About Abacus Systems


Rooks Rider LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Rooks Rider Solicitors LLP was established in 1761 and is a boutique legal firm based in the UK, with a long-standing tradition of offering high-quality legal services to businesses and individuals. As a firm, they continually strive to expand the breadth of expertise and business skills, enabling them to quickly and effectively respond to the ever-changing business environment, thereby delivering successful solutions.

Rooks Rider LLP revisited digital dictation due to a gut feeling that they were being overcharged by their existing provider. The requirement for digital dictation was still present and after performing their due diligence Diktamen ticked all the boxes needed for change. With great feedback from users and fast responses from Diktamen the trial was a big success and was rolled out effortlessly.

Darren Baily IT Manager “With the customary expensive digital dictation renewal never far away it was time to look at the market again to see if there was a better alternative, and I was pleased to find out that there was! I am very impressed with Diktamen, the way they work and respond to our requirements. It feels like we are a valued client and working with them has been very refreshing. Rolling out Diktamen was really uncomplicated and our users adapted very quickly” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Working with Darren has been great, he knows exactly what his users need, and we make it happen. At Diktamen we take pride in our client delivery and with our modern approach in Digital dictation, we can do this very quickly. In this case, a financial saving of over 50% per year, for a better solution is good business sense and validates our value for money ethos. It is pleasing that Law firms know there is an alternative.”


About Rooks Rider LLP


McCormack Solicitors switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

McCormack Solicitors located in Carrick-On-Shannon, County Leitrim, Ireland, select Diktamen for Digital Dictation via authorised Dublin based partner, Dicta-Prosoft Ltd.

McCormack Solicitors pride themselves on offering clients a client-focused service. They specialise exclusively in personal injury, buying and selling property, wills and probate. At McCormack Solicitors it is about “the client”. They pride themselves on getting the right results for their clients, listening to their clients and guiding them through the legal process of their case.

Carol Ni Chormaic, Solicitor, comments: “I have recently installed Diktamen. What I particularly like about it is that it is a cloud-based system so I can dictate to my staff from my phone which means I can send dictation to them from any location. Also, my staff can just log in to the system from either their work environment or their home environment and access my dictations to work on. I definitely would recommend this system.”

Darren Corri, CEO Dicta-Prosoft “Working with Diktamen is seamless. They do exactly what they promise in a timely fashion and have a burning desire to be a successful business. The quality of the service and products are second to none in the market. Having worked with McCormack Solicitors in the past it made sense to upgrade Carol and the team to Diktamen

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Our dictation solution enables small and large firms alike to benefit from our quality products very quickly. The functionality of our easy to use secure and reliable mobile app enables and supports productivity from anywhere at a click of a button from your existing trusted device. It’s good to see Darren and Carol benefit from our alliance


About McCormack Solicitors

About Dicta-Prosoft Ltd

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