True-Cloud Digital Dictation

The ability to quickly dictate should not be restricted to an office or client site. Our digital dictation solution supports users with an easy-to-use graphic user interface that is accessible through desktop and smartphone, allowing you to easily send dictations ‘on-the-go’. We also offer Speech Recognition options for users who want to independently turnaround documents quickly.

Task Setting by Voice

Gone are the days where you need to send your secretary an email to get a task done. As part of your Diktamen Dictation license, we provide users with the ability to send tasks through voice notes – which are sent straight to your secretary to action.

Customised Workflow

Included as part of our installation process, we work with your firm to tailor your dictation workflow process. This is to ensure your solution is built-for-purpose and includes all the necessary personal features required. We also use this time to set up a system manager and customized real-time reports for monitoring your solutions use.

Industries Diktamen provide voice solutions for.


Supporting Legal firms by empowering their staff to utilise practical technology, enabling them to do more with their time. Our solutions support authors to dictate and review all work whilst on the move, in any location, leaving them free to advise clients about their legal rights and responsibilities. Audio typists have all the tools and flexible options available to them to make sure the most important tasks are processed in the expected timely manner, in addition to facilitating the team’s ethos. We are here to make all your lives easier!


As our solution is designed by you, for you, we are able to tailor make our solution to configure into any industry looking to benefit from smart voice tools. Our development team assist your transition, and help your business unlock the benefits of utilising speech tools integrated into your workflow.

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What our clients say about Diktamen.

“Having reviewed the dictation market, and put aside the marketing spin of the established players, it became clear that the dictation products available had not really evolved over the past 6 plus years. Diktamen being new and fresh, was different. We loved the fact we were involved in the interface design, so our dictation platform now has our brand colours and logo that instantly makes the software familiar and extremely easy to use. To the eye it looks like our software, which in a way it is. It was fast and easy to design and implement and the workflow works the way we want it to. The whole business is really pleased with this purchase.” Law firm in Newcastle

“I have worked with Dictation companies before and I was really blown away with Diktamen. Every part of the solution was totally tailored for our requirements. We needed a dictation solution to work on our Apple computers. Diktamen ticked all our boxes, and the solution that we created together is truly unique. What surprised me most was the dedication of the Diktamen team to make this project a success. A truly professional company at competitive pricing. The whole process only took one day to set up, and we were logged in and using the system the next morning. I had never heard of Diktaman before so there was a small amount of risk in my mind, having worked with them I would certainly work with them again in the future and I’m sure they will make a huge impact over the next 12 months” Law firm in Milton Keynes

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Diktamen News


Mills Selig upgrade to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Mills Selig is one of Northern Ireland’s most innovative and progressive corporate and commercial law firms. It acts for a wide variety of businesses and organisations including leading plc’s, banks, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, investors, property developers, retailers and national and international media organisations.

Mills Selig’s mission is supporting business in Northern Ireland and beyond by striving for excellence through our people, advice and actions.

Elisa Lewis, Mills Selig Office Manager said:

“To maintain Mills Selig’s high standards of organisation and efficiency we decided to review and upgrade our internal digital dictation system.

Following a trial test using Diktamen, our staff were very pleased with the efficiency and most importantly the system’s ease of use.  Diktamen was easy to install across the organisation and easy to train staff to use, resulting in minimal disruption to daily work.

Switching our dictation needs to Diktamen’s True-Cloud solution has proved a great decision, especially considering the recent requirement to work remotely. Diktamen helped make this a seamless, stress-free process. We now have a better solution and a much better quality of service”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development

“We know we are very good value for money but importantly we know how to deliver exactly what is needed. This is founded on having years of experience switching law firms to Diktamen. Increased remote working is here to stay. Whether staff will work from home permanently, or just make fewer trips to the office, you need your staff to be set up properly to work remotely. Diktamen offer a market leading True-cloud solution that has become the resolve of choice for many law firms”


About Mills Selig


Farrer & Co select Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Farrer & Co are synonymous with the highest quality legal advice and service.

They advise individuals, families, businesses, financial services, educational and not-for-profit organisations on every aspect of the law, wherever the need arises. From their offices in London, they are trusted legal advisors to a global client base.

Farrer & Co clients value their in-depth knowledge, technical excellence, and diversity of disciplines. But what really binds their long-standing relationships is their approach: pragmatic, plain speaking and always steadfast in values. Values which mean they gain clients’ trust, always strive to do the right thing, and aim for the best results for them.

Superb client service sits at the heart of everything they do. They are modern lawyers with timeless values.

Andy Beech, Farrer & Co IT Director: “We were very impressed with Diktamen right from the beginning. Rolling out Diktamen to approximately 250 users was very easy and was accomplished in days and not weeks. The amount of IT intervention needed for this project was minimal and uncomplicated. The Diktamen solution is very intuitive and staff were able to start using it without any training. This has been a simple project, and exactly what was promised on day one!  We literally eliminated all our ongoing historic digital dictation capital expenditure overnight for a solid True-cloud service that our users enjoy using.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “Working with our clients is highly rewarding. The Diktamen team deliver a very efficient service that is highly valued by our clients. We offer market leading solutions that can be swiftly deployed without any concern. Our subscription licencing model is all encompassing, and we are very proud to be having such a positive impact in the UK Legal market. We are thrilled that Farrer & Co selected Diktamen as their chosen digital dictation provider as this is testimony we are on the right path.”


About Farrer & Co LLP


Davidson Chalmers Stewart upgrade to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

No two businesses are the same. Neither are law firms. Davidson Chalmers Stewart listen to make sure they fully understand your situation. Then, they personalise their legal solutions for you and your business.

Leadership, teamwork, shared responsibility, and respect are the principles that define their business culture. Davidson Chalmers Stewart are an inclusive firm rooted in the core values of excellence, loyalty, respect, initiative, and integrity. They put a lot of effort into ensuring that they provide the highest quality commercial legal advice to clients in an environment that is professionally and personally rewarding. The have offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Galashiels. 

Neil Keay, Davidson Chalmers Stewart IT and Facilities Manager “We needed to provide additional functionality as our digital dictation requirements had progressed. Diktamen was very easy to setup and roll out. The mobile app works very well and is incredibly user friendly. We were able to create a solution to meet our requirements and now we have a better, more secure and robust solution that supports our business to thrive.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “From the outset, I recognised the frustrations encountered with their previous digital dictation provider and knew that Diktamen could provide a better solution. Our True-cloud digital dictation is not an expensive commodity and as such is available for everyone. We recognise no two law firms are the same and we are experts in delivering the right tailored solution. I’m delighted that Davidson Chalmers Stewart have selected Diktamen as their preferred supplier.”


About Davidson Chalmers Stewart


Goughs Solicitors upgrade to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Goughs Solicitors was established in 1882 by George Isaac Gough, since then the firm has evolved beyond recognition.  Originally founded in Calne, they now have seven offices all in well-appointed high street locations at Calne, Chippenham, Chippenham Greenways, Corsham, Devizes, Melksham, and Trowbridge.

Whether you require legal services for you, your family or your business, you can rest assured that with over sixty lawyers at seven easy-to-reach high street locations, you will receive high quality legal advice, tailored to meet your needs.

Goughs Solicitors embrace the latest developments in IT and working practices to ensure that their clients receive timely and informed responses. From the most complex disputes to the simplest transactions, they have specialist solicitors and legal executives ready to represent your best interests.

Gary Denham, Goughs Solicitors, Senior IT Executive “I was somewhat hesitant to change dictation provider having spent 10+ years managing our legacy supplier. But as soon as I saw the demonstration of Diktamen I totally understood why so many firms switch to Diktamen. The product is incredibly familiar, easy to use, easy to deploy, the Diktamen support staff are first rate and being a True-cloud solution simply means I no longer need to maintain antiquated platforms or be quoted arrogant sums of money for basic upgrades and maintenance. It is worth performing due diligence screening as the arrival of Diktamen in the UK legal sector has been uplifting. They simply offer a better overall solution in today’s world”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “It’s well known that Diktamen’s True-cloud dictation drives employee agility and productivity at UK law firms. Digital dictation has been around for many years, and if you feel you are paying an unreasonable amount of money for something so basic then perhaps now would be a good time to look at alternatives. Diktamen offer an unrivalled user-friendly solution that is guaranteed to save you money. There is no catch. We offer a better solution at a better price as we continue to build on our reputation by delivering a first class, effective service. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations.”


About Goughs Solicitors:


Tinsdills Solicitors upgrade to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Tinsdills Solicitors operate from 4 offices, covering North Staffordshire and South Cheshire, they have been practising in the local area in one guise or another for nearly 350 years. The business has grown over the years through a combination of organic growth, merger and acquisitions including names such as Tinsdills, Hollinshead & Moody, Challinors & Shaw, N A Whieldon & Co and most recently selected departments of Grindeys Solicitors in 2019. 

Today Tinsdills are one of the area’s most experienced and knowledgeable law firms supporting individuals and for business with Family Law, Wills, Trust and Probate, Personal Injury and Compensation, Residential Property, Agriculture, Company and Commercial and Employment Law. People are at the very heart of their business. The successful outcomes they achieve for their clients are due to the high-quality people within the firm supported by the systems they use. Tinsdills are continuously reviewing the way they service their clients and how they can do this better, which has led to them reviewing the systems used internally and investing in developing technology

Jaki Cooke, Tinsdills Solicitors, IT Manager “Having had our previous digital dictation supplier for about 18 years we know the digital dictation space very well. During this time, we very rarely made contact for support and we understood that we paid a premium for the technology at the time, but this is now old technology even and the expenditure was no longer justifiable. Working with Diktamen has been very rewarding and illuminating. My only regret is that we did not switch to Diktamen sooner. Diktamen offer a fantastic True-cloud platform that is unrivalled with a very responsive team that are always very helpful and supportive. They offer fantastic value for money. We now have a great solution at a much better price.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “It’s key to note that just because something has been the same way for a long period of time, does not naturally mean that going forwards it’s the best thing to continue doing. Times change! We offer the best solution in the UK for a True-cloud digital dictation platform, with the best service at the best price. We listen to our clients and actively adapt to fulfil their requirements in a timely manner strengthening our status daily. Our aim is simple. It is to exceed our clients’ expectations in everything that we do, in both the outcome we achieve and the service we provide.”


About Tinsdills Solicitors


Diktamen reveal complete dictation and typing integration with Document Direct.

Law firms are constantly looking for efficient, seamless services to enable their fee earners to do the job they are best at – providing outstanding legal advice to their clients.

One fundamental part of this is their ability to dictate their advice and opinions and have this typed and transcribed as accurately and as quickly as possible.

Most dictation services can manage this very well within a closed loop office environment. However, with the impact of Covid-19 forcing many firms to adopt remote working environments which have impacted their typing resources, several challenges are now posed. The emergence of outsourcing of dictation, and cloud-based services offer some solution although many of the well-established dictation systems cannot offer a seamless integration and solution to this problem.

Diktamen’s truecloud digital dictation solution has addressed this issue and working with the UK’s leading typing and transcription service, Document Direct, they have created a complete integration feature to make the lives of all fee earners that much easier. Diktamen has extended its functionality using the latest cloud software technologies to facilitate secure and robust outsourcing of dictations for transcription, that is much more than just a standard integration.   

The effortless ability to securely send dictations to be typed by legal transcription experts at Document Direct is simply a tick box away and is now an extension of the Diktamen system.

Diktamen’s ground-breaking union with Document Direct offers a huge scope for client-focused refinements that provides law firms with full visibility of their audio files and document creation process. This goes way beyond, and is far more reliable, than what is currently available to the UK legal market. This technological improvement to age old troubles is in line with highlighting Diktamen as the market leading true-cloud digital dictation experts, who listen to client requirements and provide ethical affordable solutions that work better.

Martyn Best, Document Direct, CEO “We have been providing cost effective, confidential, legal transcription services that are available 24/7, with 100% accuracy for many years providing our clients with the confidence to use our services on a daily basis. Our complete integration with Diktamen is certainly the smoothest integration we currently have with any digital dictation provider.

It was refreshing to work with a progressive, forward-minded business who put their clients first, with user experience as their key focus. Diktamen showed us that they truly understood the difficulties that many law firms have in maximising their efficiency in this area, and they showed a sharp recognition of the need for a fully integrated digital dictation and typing service. I believe that together we have created, rather than just adapted, the first truly integrated cloud-based dictation and typing service.

It’s not just about the software, thrilling though this integration is, it’s about understanding what a client is really looking for in terms of a secure and easy to use service, backed up by great pro-active support.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “For a long time we have been seeing the trend for law firms to want to take advantage of cloud technology, and in the area of digital dictation and secure transmission of sound files, there is a very clear opportunity to improve what already exists. You cannot export an audio file to a disparate system and expect the best user experience, and so you need to really understand what lawyers are looking for.

At Diktamen we recognise the stages needed for the work to be processed, transcribed, and returned, providing end-users the 360 visibility that has always been lacking with traditional outsourcing methods. Working with Document Direct, the industry leader as transcription specialists, our innovative approach is a natural step forward, where combined, we provide a unique true-client centric solution that is more reliable and feature-rich due to our close-knit systems collaboration.”



About Document Direct

About Diktamen:


Diktamen announces partnership with digital transformation specialist Quiss

Diktamen is pleased to announce a new partnership with Quiss Technology, the leading provider of managed IT services to UK mid-market law firms.

Quiss delivers a range of technology solutions to many of the UK’s leading mid-market law firms, helping most with their ongoing digital transformation journey, with Cloud solutions playing a significant role in introducing greater flexibility, resilience and security.

Diktamen’s true-cloud digital dictation solution allows authors to dictate and review all their work whilst on the move, in any location, leaving them free to get closer to their clients. Secretaries have all the tools and flexible options available to them to ensure work is managed in an appropriate manner.

Head of Marketing at Quiss Technology, David Ricketts commented: “Diktamen have been on our radar for some time, being only a relatively recent entrant to the UK market after developing a solid reputation for innovation overseas.

It’s important we help our legal sector clients benefit from technology, particularly when it is directly relevant to their business, as was the case with Diktamen’s digital dictation solution, which provides unrivalled flexibility and functionally.

We assessed the solution in our Tamworth innovation suite, to ensure Diktamen’s true-cloud digital dictation product would integrate successfully with other leading legal software applications, which included practice, case and document management systems.

Diktamen worked exactly as expected and we were so impressed we decided to show it to some of our law firm clients, who were all as equally impressed, recognising it delivered the functionality needed, and at a remarkably cost-effective price.

The digital transformation journey being undertaken by most small to mid-market law firms is centred on technology and solutions that offer greater flexibility for dispersed workforces, combined with useability and security. Diktamen clearly ticks all those boxes and more, which is why Quiss is happy to recommend it.” 

Vice President Business Development at Diktamen, Joe DiCarlo said: “We work with many law firms of all sizes daily. The vast majority are on a digital transformation journey or are simply seeking ways to do things better.

Technology is an enabler for success and at Diktamen we support law firms by providing a true-cloud digital dictation solution, we believe is unrivalled in approach and quality.

Working with Quiss and their team of highly experienced digital transformation experts has been valuable, and I am delighted that we have partnered with a specialist in the UK legal market. We already have mutual clients reaping the benefit of our alliance.”


About Quiss Technology


Clifton Ingram Solicitors LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Clifton Ingram is a full-service solicitor’s firm serving business and individual clients throughout the South East, from their offices in Reading and Wokingham. With approx. 100 Partners and staff, whatever your legal need they have specialists who can provide you with prompt, practical advice, tailored to your specific requirements.

Mitch Wilson, Clifton Ingram Solicitors LLP, IT Manager “Via our association with legal digital transformation experts Quiss Technology we were introduced to Diktamen. Naturally, I was wondering what made Diktamen better as it all sounded very good from the beginning but after a very thorough trial, we were very impressed with the whole package.  They simply offer a better solution and the decision to switch provider was a very simple one.”     

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “I get asked what makes Diktamen better than the rest, and the answer is very simple. At Diktamen we try to be more human, we listen while others simply do not hear. We listen to what’s been said and what’s not been said to enable us to deliver what needs to be done, and this is the foundation of building trust and confidence with our clients. Our true-cloud digital dictation solution provides the flexibility and functionally to deliver exactly what is needed at an affordable price”


About Clifton Ingram Solicitors LLP


Brian Berrills & Company Solicitors switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Brian Berrills & Company Solicitors located in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland, have over 90 years of legal experience in general practice, with expertise in many areas of law including, Wills and Probate, Personal Injury, Property, Employment, Litigation and Family Law; providing legal options in plain English, outlining the pros and cons where necessary.

Stephen Reel, Partner, Brian Berrills & Company Solicitors “Most of us have smartphones already and the Diktamen app turns our smartphones into a dictaphone.  Dictations are sent to a cloud-based service and transcribers can access it via a secure web browser. No new hardware was required as existing recording devices, footpedals, and headphones were used. If the lockdown continues, a new one arises, or staff become more interested in working from home, this is a great solution; very flexible and cost-effective, I highly recommend Diktamen.”  

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Our cloud-based dictation solutions enables Law firms to benefit from our quality products very quickly, which is exactly what clients need, especially during this period of uncertainty. I would like to thank Stephen for his kind-hearted recommendation to the County Louth Solicitors Bar Association. People connect with people and this rapport is the foundation of a lasting alliance. At Diktamen we value our great reputation where our client are our main advocates.”


About Brian Berrills and Company Solicitors:


Serious Law LLP switch to Diktamen for Digital Dictation

Serious Law LLP, an acclaimed UK law practise specialising in catastrophic injury cases. Ranked in the top tier of the Legal 500, focusing on brain injury, spinal injury, cerebral palsy, and other serious injuries.

Founded in 1989, the unique and highly innovative firm was one of the country’s first to deal exclusively with personal injury. Today, Serious Law LLP is established as a leading firm in handling high value cases with a successful track record of numerous multi-million-pound settlements.

To help seriously injured clients and their families regain control of their lives, they provide an all-encompassing service that comprises expert legal assistance, together with a range of financial and aftercare support, including the provision of rehabilitation, vocational training, and housing and transport adaptation.

Serious Law LLP operates on a nationwide basis, rebuilding the lives of those affected by serious injury. The practise is committed to excellence in all areas of client care and are dedicated to the pursuit of professionalism and results.

Nick Sutton, Serious Law IT Manager “Being experienced users of cloud-based dictation for many years, we knew exactly what we needed. We tested Diktamen vigorously especially in the areas where we had encountered with other suppliers. This resulted in great user feedback, particularly in the areas of audio clarity, handling of large audio files, and general ease of use, from both our Authors and Secretaries. It is fair to say that these areas were causing us frustration prior to our switch to Diktamen. You can appreciate that Diktamen was designed as a cloud-based solution from the outset, and we feel Diktamen outperforms our previous cloud digital dictation solution. I have been very impressed with the Diktamen Support team who were on top of our initial teething issues really quickly and continue to be excellent when called upon, which is not very often at all”.

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen VP Business Development “Adoption of Software as a Service is popular, and it is becoming more widespread across the UK Legal sector. It is wonderful to hear that our software is shining above others. Switching to Diktamen is effortless and very easy to do. We are experts at delivering the best solution available in the UK. I would ask other law firms to re-evaluate digital dictation, especially as the excessive annual renewals are never that far away. We are confident that our solution and services are the best, and that we can guarantee a far greater return for your investment in many areas”.


About Serious Law LLP

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