True-Cloud Digital Dictation

The ability to quickly dictate should not be restricted to an office or client site. Our digital dictation solution supports users with an easy-to-use graphic user interface that is accessible through desktop and smartphone, allowing you to easily send dictations ‘on-the-go’. We also offer Speech Recognition options for users who want to independently turnaround documents quickly.

Task Setting by Voice

Gone are the days where you need to send your secretary an email to get a task done. As part of your Diktamen Dictation license, we provide users with the ability to send tasks through voice notes – which are sent straight to your secretary to action.

Customised Workflow

Included as part of our installation process, we work with your firm to tailor your dictation workflow process. This is to ensure your solution is built-for-purpose and includes all the necessary personal features required. We also use this time to set up a system manager and customized real-time reports for monitoring your solutions use.

Industries Diktamen provide voice solutions for.


Supporting Legal firms by empowering their staff to utilise practical technology, enabling them to do more with their time. Our solutions support authors to dictate and review all work whilst on the move, in any location, leaving them free to advise clients about their legal rights and responsibilities. Audio typists have all the tools and flexible options available to them to make sure the most important tasks are processed in the expected timely manner, in addition to facilitating the team’s ethos. We are here to make all your lives easier!

Professional Services

As our solution is designed by you, for you, we are able to tailor make our solution to configure into any industry looking to benefit from smart voice tools. Our development team assist your transition and help your business unlock the benefits of utilising speech tools integrated into your workflow.

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“Having reviewed the dictation market, and put aside the marketing spin of the established players, it became clear that the dictation products available had not really evolved over the past 6 plus years. Diktamen being new and fresh, was different. We loved the fact we were involved in the interface design, so our dictation platform now has our brand colours and logo that instantly makes the software familiar and extremely easy to use. To the eye it looks like our software, which in a way it is. It was fast and easy to design and implement and the workflow works the way we want it to. The whole business is really pleased with this purchase.” Law firm in Newcastle

“I have worked with Dictation companies before and I was really blown away with Diktamen. Every part of the solution was totally tailored for our requirements. We needed a dictation solution to work on our Apple computers. Diktamen ticked all our boxes, and the solution that we created together is truly unique. What surprised me most was the dedication of the Diktamen team to make this project a success. A truly professional company at competitive pricing. The whole process only took one day to set up, and we were logged in and using the system the next morning. I had never heard of Diktaman before so there was a small amount of risk in my mind, having worked with them I would certainly work with them again in the future and I’m sure they will make a huge impact over the next 12 months” Law firm in Milton Keynes

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Trusted Associates

Diktamen News


Thompson & Cooke Solicitors upgrade to Diktamen’s True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Thompson & Cooke is a highly respected solicitors and notary located in the heart of Tameside, Stalybridge with two offices.

From business advice to notary services, divorce settlements to conveyancing, they represent clients’ interests with the highest degree of attention to detail.

Dictation has been used for many years at the law firm generally to make lives easier and to save time. It was time to review their dictation habits, especially with more staff members working from home.

Craig Maher Thompson & Cooke Solicitors, Director and Head of Commercial services “I have been very impressed with just how approachable and helpful Diktamen are. The trial was a roaring success, and our users are very happy with our new, better way to manage dictations from any location. Conveyancing has been very busy for us, and yet we still managed to incorporate Diktamen effortlessly without disruption.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “We are only as good as our clients say we are! It’s always nice to hear just how well we work with clients and the glowing feedback we constantly receive is testimony to the success we are having in the UK legal profession”.


About Thompson & Cooke Solicitors

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Streeter Marshall LLP select Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Streeter Marshall LLP is a full-service firm of solicitors based in Croydon, Purley and Warlingham, serving both local clients and clients throughout the UK and further afield. Established for over 200 years, they can trace their origins back to the year 1790 and represents an amalgamation of several former Croydon Solicitors firms. They have an outstanding reputation for being approachable, trustworthy and for providing practical, pragmatic, and robust legal advice.

With over 70 employees, they are one of the largest firms of solicitors in the area and pride themselves on providing their clients with the highest quality legal advice and exceptional personal service for both private and commercial business clients.

Their people make them unique and play a huge part in maintaining their distinctive culture. They provide first class levels of client service. Streeter Marshall LLP are immensely proud of the proportion of work that comes from their existing clients or personal recommendations as this is a testimony to the service and value they provide to generations of local businesses and families over the years.

Streeter Marshall LLP is a modern and progressive firm which has made a substantial investment in IT over the years and is able to provide a high standard of service to clients at a price which represents value for money.

Alvin Biggar, Streeter Marshall LLP, IT Manager “Lawyers don’t necessarily embrace change but with the improvements that Diktamen presented made them impossible to overlook. The usability of the product won many admirers of the system who simply refused to go back to our previous supplier, and from an I.T. perspective, we appreciate the unified nature of the product, making it much easier to manage than our previous platform. The whole team at Diktamen have been very helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive with our requirements, and we would happily recommend their True-cloud dictation solution.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “It’s true that many people tend not to embrace change, especially if it’s easier to continue doing something the same way. To be modern and progressive you need to recognise the improvements that digital transformation can bring. In our expert hands, it’s great to hear that the Diktamen experience exceeds client expectations.”


About Streeter Marshall LLP


Taylor Walton LLP switch to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Taylor Walton LLP is a top 200 UK law firm that provides a full range of legal services to businesses, individuals and families in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas. The firm is confident that its broad experience ensures exceptional results, whatever the challenges their clients face.

It is a highly respected regional firm and proud to be the trusted advisor to a wide range of clients including FTSE 350 companies, public and private sector organisations, charities, and high-net worth individuals.

Taylor Walton LLP has worked with many of its clients on a long-term basis, developing mutually beneficial relationships built on trust, quality of advice and speed of response. From everyday business support to untangling the most impenetrable of legal issues, the firm works in partnership with other trusted advisors such as accountants, insolvency practitioners and HR consultants, to provide a fully rounded, commercially focused service to their clients.

Good communication is central to the quality of the service delivered by the firm’s legal professionals and a high-quality dictation solution plays an essential part in the process of delivering that advice efficiently. New technology that improves the firm’s service is always under review.

Steve Smith, Taylor Walton LLP, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy MLRO “Working with Diktamen has been very straightforward. We tested the Diktamen dictation solution vigorously over a lengthy trial in co-operation with Quiss Technology, and it was clear from the outset that their solution was an improvement. It subsequently passed our stringent internal assessment with flying colours. Not only do we now have a better product, we are also saving a considerable amount of money by switching provider.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “We are experts at implementing IT change projects fit for the new legal workplace. At Diktamen we help Law firms by leveraging our knowledge and experience to provide the best True-Cloud Digital Dictation workflow experience that focuses on our clients. We have a fantastic, agile, Client Success team that strive to supersede client expectations.”


About Taylor Walton LLP


Heald Solicitors LLP select Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Heald Solicitors LLP, based in Milton Keynes, are experts in business law. They understand how business people think. They understand their aspirations and the challenges that they face. Heald Solicitors LLP clients range from multi-national corporations based in the United Kingdom through owner-managed trading companies to start-up businesses. They have always been attuned to the commercial needs of business, with skills in relation to advising IT, technology and manufacturing companies, including those with international interests.

Kevin Windo, Heald Solicitors LLP’s Managing Partner “The advantages of using Diktamen Dictation from any location has been tremendous. Diktamen was very easy to deploy, and it was comforting to have responsive assistance when required. Overall a simple, effortless solution that required little training. It’s a vast improvement from our previous supplier, and we are happy with our investment in Diktamen.” 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “The requirement to work from any location effortlessly is widespread. We always focus on our clients, and I could see from our initial discussions with Heald Solicitors that we could vastly improve working practices for them. It is always very gratifying to hear that our clients find our solution very easy to use and that it is a welcome improvement to their day to day working practices.”


About Heald Solicitors LLP


Alletsons Solicitors switch to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

The team at Alletsons Solicitors have been helping people for more than 30 years. They have always focused on providing a personalised service for both private paying and legal aid clients alike and on being specialists in their chosen areas of practice. 

Alletsons Solicitors are committed to providing their clients with an affordable and flexible service. The team of solicitors specialise in commercial and domestic conveyancing, family law, wills and probate, and criminal law. Based in Bridgwater, they serve clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Anna Upham, Alletsons Solicitors Office Manager “We decided to go ahead with transferring over to Diktamen as we were very impressed with the trial, even without full training everyone has said how easy and clear Diktamen was to use. I would recommend Diktamen especially if law firms are looking for an excellent cloud-based dictation solution”. 

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “So much of our working day is dominated by technology. The advances of technology make business applications an integral part of running a Law firm. The best part of my role is collaborating with our clients and seeing how our software really makes a difference to their working day. Seeing how our product range expands with our clients is very rewarding”.


About Alletsons Solicitors


Glovers Solicitors LLP switch to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Glovers Solicitors LLP was founded as Glover & Co in Mayfair in 1932 by Sir Gerald Glover, a prominent and respected Central London property developer and solicitor. Since then, they have grown to become a modern and highly regarded, property-focused legal practice based in Covent Garden.

Glovers is recognised by clients and independent legal directories as a genuinely partner-led law firm, with in-depth strengths in its chosen practice areas.

Client’s value is not only their legal expertise, but also their dedicated work ethic and the commercial approach that they bring to negotiations and problem solving. They are, as a result, retained by a wide range of businesses – from well-known restaurant and retail brands and major construction companies to specialist banks and lending institutions.

Andrew Moore, Glovers Solicitors LLP, Practice Manager “Our IT specialists at Jeremy Hyman Associates and Diktamen collaborated exceptionally well to provide Glovers with a leading dictation cloud-based workflow solution. After a successful trial with no negative feedback at all, we made the simple decision to move forwards. The whole rollout process was very straightforward, and the Diktamen Project delivery was outstanding. The software is very easy to use, and users preferred it to our previous supplier. The online short training sessions provided by Joonas have been very useful, and this further enabled us to enhance and tailor our solution. Overall, we are very happy with Diktamen.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “At Diktamen we are experts at providing a leading true-cloud dictation solution that focusses on our clients working preferences. We always embrace working with IT suppliers to share stories and experiences, so we work together to deliver successful projects with ease. The Diktamen team has grown in experience and confidence and I am delighted to hear how well we perform daily.”


About Glovers Solicitors LLP


Irish Farms Accounts Co-operative upgrade to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

When Ireland joined the EU (then EEC) in 1973, Irish agriculture rapidly transformed. The guarantee of higher prices and support for farm and farmyard development boosted the confidence of farmers, leading to an accelerated increase in the adoption of new technologies to lift productivity. Coinciding with this, the first farmers were brought into the tax net in 1974, ultimately meaning that farmers were required to produce annual accounts to be tax compliant.

Several visionaries including farm and community activist Donal Cashman (founding Chairman of ifac) identified the need for a specialist farmer-orientated accounts service and in September 1975 the Irish Farms Accounts Co-operative (ifac) was founded.

Being a co-operative society means they are owned by members and clients. During the last 40+ years, ifac has supported farmers and played an integral part in the lives of farming communities all over Ireland. Over these years they have grown and evolved to better deliver on the needs of those operating in the Farm, Food and Agri sectors.

This philosophy of mutuality and a deep connection with people who work on and from the land continues to define ifac’s success today.

At the heart of their approach is a promise that they make to their members: they bring the full depth and breadth of financial expertise and sectoral experience to play an integral role in business. They pro-actively work to advise on sound financial practices, provide foresight to anticipate issues, and identify opportunities to help clients grow.

Sylvia Farrelly, IFAC “We were looking to upgrade our outdated dictation system and Diktamen’s cloud system was a great fit for our company.  With continued working from home, Diktamen is very accessible and straight forward to use. The set up was seamless and we received great help and support from the outset.  All our staff adapted quickly to the new improved way of working. It is very easy of use, and we would highly recommend Diktamen for these reasons.”

Darren Corri, CEO Dicta-Prosoft “As a Dublin based Diktamen agent, we listen to client’s requirement and adapt market leading software to be a perfect fit for our clients. Working together we provide fast, effective, reliable solutions that our clients can access from any location seamlessly.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “We always focus on our clients. Diktamen’s True-Cloud philosophy and work ethos spans multiple industries, and it is this inherent versatility within our solution that provides a fantastic experience for all our clients. No two business are the same, and we have a personalised approach that enables clients to create the best software for their individual needs.”


About IFAC


ASR Advantage Solicitors upgrade to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

ASR Advantage Solicitors is a nationwide law firm providing legal services for individuals, companies and global corporations.

With offices situated in prime locations across the UK, including Birmingham, Hinckley and Newcastle under Lyme, they have nationwide coverage to assist you with all of your legal needs across the United Kingdom.

They strive to be the leading national law firm with local presence by delivering quality and value to clients. ASR Advantage Solicitors achieve this through practical and innovative legal solutions that help their clients succeed.

ASR Advantage Solicitors’ ‘brand’ is a recognisable name in the business world, particularly within the midlands area, with significant depth and range of resources. As a single, fully integrated law firm, they pride themselves on their approachable, collegial, and team-based way of working.

Caroline Dee, ASR Advantage Solicitors, Director “The advantages of using Diktamen from any location has been tremendous. The software is incredibly easy to use, and all the employees are enjoying the many benefits inherent with a true-cloud solution. The whole Diktamen experience has been impressive. It has been the simplest deployment of any software that I can remember.”

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “Clients are at the heart of our business. We understand that to be successful, we must constantly listen to our clients. At Diktamen, we deliver a cost-effective, True-Cloud digital dictation solution tailored to our client’s needs to enable them to work smarter.”


About ASR Advantage Solicitors


Odonnells Solicitors upgrade to Diktamen for True-Cloud Digital Dictation

Odonnells Solicitors located in Preston specialise in the representation of patients across the whole spectrum of mental health and capacity. They have been involved in very high-profile cases and are helping to develop the law in relation to the deprivation of liberty of incapacitated individuals.

What makes them special is their focus on their clients. They aim to ensure that every aspect of service is designed to make clients’ involvement as straight forward as can be. Odonnells Solicitors are keenly aware that they are only as good as the clients’ experience, so they pay attention to all feedback that they receive, and they strive to ensure that service exceeds clients’ expectations.

Odonnells Solicitors are committed to promoting equality and diversity in their firm, as well as in those areas in which they have influence. As part of that commitment, they are proud to have signed up to the Law Society diversity and inclusion charter.

Philippa Curran, Odonnells Solicitors, Director “We should have upgraded sooner. The benefits have been tremendous, and everyone really enjoys using Diktamen. Going back to our previous system would be a step backwards. The audio clarity is fantastic and the ability to receive work whilst they are on the move has enabled us to manage our time better. The whole Diktamen experience has been impressive”.

Joe DiCarlo, Diktamen, VP Business Development “At Diktamen we focus on our clients. We are committed to deliver the best experience to exceed client’s expectations. The demand to be able to work effortlessly from any location, at any time, is the highest it has ever been. We have an excellent True-Cloud digital dictation solution with a very attentive team that empower our clients to excel.”   


About Odonnells Solicitors  


Diktamen and Oosha partner to optimise hybrid working solution for leading UK law firms.

Diktamen and Oosha, the Digital Workspace specialists for law firms, have collaborated on two projects for leading UK law firms to create Digital Workspaces, allowing secure access to their applications from anywhere, at any time, futureproofing both firms for the hybrid working model of the not-so-distant future. 

Given the recent growth in the legal technology space, a collaboration between Diktamen and Oosha seemed a question of when not if. Both organisations are confident that the same levels of success seen with the first two projects can be replicated again for other UK law firms. 

Oosha has been supporting law firms for 12 years, providing Digital Workspaces and Managed IT to firms of all shapes and sizes, from top 100 firms to high street practices; and strongly believe the IT experience for lawyers should be as seamless as the tech experience in their personal lives. 

This belief is mirrored by Diktamen, who introduced a True-Cloud Digital Dictation solution to the UK legal market three years ago and are already working with over 4000 legal professionals across more than 50 firms. The user-friendly interface, easy implementation, and reduced costs have been key factors to the success of Diktamen’s expansion. 

Joint-Managing Director at Oosha, Matt Newton commented: “Diktamen’s growth in the UK legal sector has come as no surprise. I first heard about Joe and the team a little around 12 months ago and since then, they seem to be everywhere I turn.

Like Oosha, Diktamen understands that no two law firms are the same, and once you’ve taken the time to truly understand their unique requirements, then you can provide the real value.”

Vice President Business Development at Diktamen, Joe DiCarlo commented: “I am so pleased to have completed these projects with Oosha. As someone who hears a lot about various IT providers, Oosha has been spoken about in a positive light and now I’ve seen first-hand why this is the case.

We already have our next project scheduled later in the Summer, and I have no doubts that Oosha’s Digital Workspace and Diktamen’s True-Cloud Dictation will continue to provide a world-class user experience.”

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